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Rosemeade of North Dakota
Salt & Pepper Shaker Mini-Shop

These Vintage Salt & Pepper Sets are available here at our mini shop or at our main shop.  This mini shop contains all of our Salt & Pepper Sets from Rosemeade Pottery, that we are aware of.

The story of Rosemeade Pottery of North Dakota
 Laura Taylor Hughes was a talented student from the University of North Dakota who created what has become known as Rosemeade pottery. This collectible pottery generally features animals and plants common to the state of North Dakota.   Rosemeade Pottery operated from 1940 to 1961 selling world wide.   After Laura died of cancer in 1959 the company lost its primary designer.  With the death of Laura and the competition from cheaper Japanese imports sales declined leading to its closure.

The Salt and Pepper Sets below are from Virg's Memorial Collection

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Blue Sword Fish

 4" tall in very good condition with corks. No crackling, with sticker saying souvenir of Florida. Made by Rosemeade. Acquired in the early 1950's



Brown Gobbler and Hen

3" tall. Rosemeade, No. Dak. Corks intact. No visible damage or crackling.



Partridge - detailed color

Standing bird is 2-1/2" high. Both have corks and no damage or crackling. Sticker reads: Rosemeade, No. Dak.


Pheasant Pair

No visible damage or crackling. Corks intact. Cock is 3" tall. Sticker says Rosemeade, No.Dak.


Sitting black cats Rosemeade

3-1/2" tall by 2-/1/2" wide at the base. Excellent condition overall. 2 small pits in paint. No corks. Made by Rosemeade in North Dakota. Acquired in 1950.


Sitting brown bears

3.25" tall by 2.5" wide. Good condition with no chips or cracks. Both bears have crackling throughout. These have paper in place of stoppers. These are made by Rosemeade in North Dakota. Acquired 1950 or earlier.



2-3/4" tall, 3-3/4 tail to nose, 1-1/2" wide. Sticker "Rosemeade No.Dak." Designed with no cork (one has tape/sticker). No crackling of glaze found.


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